At the end of the day, the insurance isn't for you, it's for the ones you say you love. Provide for them even after death, it's very inexpensive and we have options to get all your money back if you don't die!

Although we know these are silly, people do actually hold to these fallacies quite humorously. Take the time to educate yourself and talk to an agent about your needs! 


Insurance only allows my family to continue paying the bills even after I die, I'm dead, why do I care?


Living Benefits are stupid, why would I want my policy to pay me money if I get really sick or chronically ill?


Insurance is only cheapest if I get it today, I want to wait last minute so it's as expensive as possible


I have $25,000 in the bank soley designated to my funeral, paying $33.61* a month doesn't make any sense


Once my 3 kids turn 18 they'll all get jobs and will replace my $50,000/ year salary for my spouse


Insurance is too complicated, I don't have time to do all the research, it's not like there's licensed professionals who already know all this stuff


The policy I have through my job is life insurance even though I've never actually reviewed it to make sure it's what I keep blowing off other life insurance agents who can offer way better products for

This one's my favorite cause we are natural procrastinators, however, you want to secure the best plan before all you qualify for is the expensive ones

Don't put that burden on your loved ones. For like $30 a month you can provide 10 years of more worth of income for your family in the event of your passing