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I don't need it

I don't need to protect my families income when I die. I'm dead. Who cares if they struggle, it won't be my problem any more.

"I don't need it." One of the most selfish phrases insurance people here every day. They'd rather buy 5 coffees or more a week for $5 a pop than take that money and ensure their family gets the proper protection they deserve. Your kids didn't ask to be born, your wife didn't ask for you to die, so why should you allow them to struggle and fall apart, all because you decided, "I don't need it."

We don't need you as a client, we want you, because we know that if you get a plan with Plan4Life, you're getting the right plan, for the right price. Do your family a favor, love them a little more, and get protected, because this decision is the difference between peace and chaos.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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