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"It's just a scam"

"I don't need it" "You're just after my money" "Go scam someone else" "Let me think about it" "I don't think she be interested" "we've got that taken care of bye"

Just a few of the many ways people tell an insurance agent "No." We've been programmed with all the marketing and news/media, to not truly see things for what they are. For whatever reason, people think wrongly about the most underrated product on the market; Life Insurance.

Life Insurance is a $4.8 Trillion market that can be taken advantage of for a million different reasons. Retirement Planning/Saving, Mortgage Protection/Assisting in paying off your mortgage early, Wealth Transfer, Income Protection, Tax Protection, and many more! Name one industry where you can take $30/month and turn it into $1,000,000 literally over night! Seriously, it is your best friend and financial tool when used properly.

In this article, we will be discussing some ways you can start viewing life insurance as your best friend, when everyone else treats it like it's not nearly as valuable as cell phone insurance!

Getting the Ick

You're a mom or a dad, 3 kids, living in the suburb, you have your commuter and your little mini van. The sun is shining, the kids are playing in the yard, your spouse just made you a nice drink to relax and soak up all the blessings. Suddenly, your evening turns for the worse! A man wearing some nice slacks and a company polo walks up to you and says "Hey, my name is Kev, is Mr/Mrs. Henderson home?," he says, smiling with his salesy little cheeks. "I'm afraid you've got the wrong house, Kev," you say, hoping he leaves.

"Well that's too bad, hey, you've got a beautiful family here, do you have life insurance to protect everything you got going here?" he says, with a small gleam of hope in his eyes. "Yessire, got it all taken care of!" Yes, I got him, you think as the words leave your mouth. "I'm glad to hear you have something, have you reviewed it recently?" he inquires. You smile as you put the nail in the coffin for this conversation, "Yes, I am very happy and not looking to make any changes." He parts and leaves you his business card. You won

A few months roll by, you've forgotten all about the insurance guy. You get a weird feeling of tiredness, thinking it's not much you're in bed dosing off, thinking it'll go away with some rest. Days turn into weeks, you're exhausted. No sleep, not eating, you've been shrugging it off thinking it's the cold. You drink your OJ, take your vitamin C and carry on. Another week rolls by, you go to the doctors seeing that you haven't gotten any better in over a month. "We need to do some tests," those words cause some concern. "We will call you with the results." it's been almost 2 weeks, you haven't gotten better. The phone rings, it's the doctor, "You need to come in right away!"

Cancer. That God-Awful work, piercing your ears. Your gut sinks as your being told that chemo may help, but its spread so fast, best case you get another year. You go home, you immediately hug your children and remind them of how much you love them. Hoping to memorize every last detail of their faces, every hair on their head, and that look of unrelenting love towards you that no one else can give. You hug your spouse, holding onto the moment as now each and every second is your last. Why Me.

Months fly by faster than you can blink. The kids have noticed you thinning, getting pale. What was once fatigue is now pain, your body aches and aches day in and day out without relief in sight. You've stopped working, too tired to do your daily tasks. Your spouse, trying to distract the kids, and keep them at bay, so they don't worry about you. All why they themselves try to stay strong for the kids. Money's getting tight, your spouse is now starting to have to worry about how they are going able to take care of the kids. It hurts, you feel useless.

You remember the insurance agent. You call him up, "Hey Kev, I'm sure you don't remember me, but a almost a year ago, you came to my house asking about life insurance and I wanna get to know more about what you have to offer." "Great," he says, "might I ask why are you looking now?" You're not sure whether or not you should disclose this over the phone, but do so anyways," I'm sick, I wanna make sure my family's taken care of, I only have a few months, but they need something."

"I'm sorry, that's not exactly how this works. You see, I have something that can work for you, but it really only works out if you were to had say 2 or more years left. unfortunately, the best I can do it recommend you start saving." His nail in the coffin stings, you thank him and hang up.

If only you listened, if only you didn't push him out. Was not wanting insurance, really more important than making sure your slice of heaven was protected. Was the pride more important than making sure they could afford to stay in their home, and continue life without me without financial struggle? If only I had listened, they'd be okay.

It's never a bad time to plan. It's never a hassle to make sure your loved ones can eat. Your family is bigger than your budget. Figure it out and get insurance.

The Savor

You're a young cat. 34 years old, newly purchased home, beautiful wife, 2 beautiful kids. You get a flyer in the mail, "Mortgage Protection- Pay off your mortgage in the event of your illness, disability, or death with No Medical." you fill out the information and mail it back. A couple weeks later your phone rings..."Hello Sam, this is Nicole, I'm a licensed agent with the state, I got your information that you mailed into us and wanted to let you know that I'll be in your area this week and wanted to know whether the morning or afternoon was best for us to meet?"

"Afternoon would be best," you reply as you set your appointment, "see you then!"

Later that week, the insurance agent drops by for her visit. You and the wife listen as she rambles on about all the "benefits" and "features" and finally quotes you. "So to protect your home as well as to provide a little bit of a cushion, you're looking at $84.76 for the plan, and if you don't pass away, you'll get ALL of your money back!" That peaked your interested. All of your money back, that's basically free insurance if I don't die. You sign the electronic pad and off to the world of insured you are.

Two months go by, you're looking at your bank statements, trying to cut back on unneeded bills. Oh, the insurance plan we got, if I cancel that, it'll free up alot! You think as you ignore your very necessary subscriptions to HBO, Showtime, the ESPS channel you never use. Your $200 internet and cable bill (which you never watch). The $400 you spent eating out, the $550 car payment (look it was your favorite color, I get it) and all the other miscellaneous bills you could easily move around. You call up the insurance company, and give a story about how you got something at work and you don't need it anymore. The Next day Nicole calls..."Hey Sam, it's Nicole, the company said you called in to cancel your plan, may I ask why?" you give her the same excuse, "Now Sam, you realize this is also a savings plan as you get everything back at the end? Also, most policies at the work place hardly are enough to cover a funeral let alone your mortgage. Let's review the new policy together so we can make sure it fits your needs." She's good. Instead of facing the shame of not having anything, you tell her you're gonna keep it. She reinstates it and everything resumes.

It's a gorgeous Saturday. Sun's shining, cool breeze, you decide to go for a drive. You hit the pavement and start shootin' the breeze. The wife calls, she needs you to pick up some meat for dinner tonight, it's for your favorite dish... Meatballs. You start heading back, loving your morning, enjoying life, and thanking the Lord for the blessings. Light Turns green, you hit the gas..."BOOM"

People.....Ambulance.....lights... You wake up a hospital room, barely conscious, trying to make sense of everything, you slip back into slumber. You can't move, but you can hear your wife and kids in the room. Worrying, crying, wondering if daddy was going to be okay. You wake up, you feel like you've been hit by a bus. Your head hurts, you back's killing you, but something's not right... why can't I feel my feet. Panic starts to kick in as you try to move but quickly come to the realization that you can't. You stare at both your arms, you try the right...nothing, you try your left, you can barely get your fingers to move. Nurse comes in, shortly after the doctor. He explains that you've been in a serious car crash and was side swiped by a distracted driver. He says that the damage done is serious and how lucky you were to wake up. You tell him about your left hand, he smiles. "That's good, to be frank, you be eventually be able to use your arms, but unfortunately, you'll never walk again."

It starts to settle in. You start to worry about how life will continue, how the kids will react, the wife....YOUR FAMILY. You ask the nurse to borrow a phone as she dials the number to let them know. They rush over, happy to see daddy still alive. You ask your spouse how have they been managing, she smiles at you, overjoyed that you're alive. She says that the life insurance policy he got allowed them to borrow 50% of the death amount early due to the severity of the accident. At least you don't have to worry about that. You're so Thankful that Nicole pushed you to keep the plan. You were prepared. Money was there, without the stress, you focus on healing getting better. You come home, adjusting to your new normal, the insurance company didn't ask you to pay the money back, your family has been able to live comfortably, you can now learn to live with your new circumstance with one less stress behind you. Thank You Nicole.

Part 2 coming soon...

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