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If you are in the age group of 45-64 years of age, here are a few simple steps you can take, to maximize your future retirement plan...

1. Get a Limit Pay/Paid up to 65 Final Expense Life Insurance Plan.

This will allow you the flexibility to pay more into your plan while you are still working, but allow you to remove the bill once you turn 65. Meaning what would be 65$ a month for your insurance is now 0$, thus freeing up more money each month for you to enjoy

2. Talk to your trusted Financial Guru (VERY RECOMMENDED IT BE AN ACTUAL FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL AND NOT YOUR COUSIN LOUIS) about transitioning your 401k or IRA into a Fixed Indexed Annuity

Now, we aren't telling you to stop the 401k altogether. However, if your company allows, rollover your existing 401k, as well as others that may be floating, into an FIA. The FIA will protect your hard-earned cash from market crashes while lowering your fees and providing a cushion from market risk during those final years leading up to your intended retirement date. Not many people at 60 years of age want to have to work another 10 years because the market decided to crash -30%.

3. Doing something is better than nothing! So do something!

What you do today, will protect your family from tomorrow!

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