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Funeral Planning is a lot like choosing something off a menu. When you pass away, your family will be given a ton of different options to choose from on how they would like to best put you to rest.








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Funeral Pricing Checklist

“Simple or Immediate” disposition of the remains ________

Immediate burial ________

Immediate cremation ________

If the cremation process is extra, how much is it? ________

Donation of the body to a medical school or hospital ________

“Traditional,” full-service burial or cremation: ________

Basic services fee for the funeral director and staff: ________

Pickup of the body: ________

Embalming: ________

Other preparation of body: 

Least expensive casket: ________

$1500 (cardboard) $2500 (Basic Wood)

Outer Burial Container (vault): ________

Description: ________

Visitation/viewing — staff and facilities ________

Funeral or memorial service — staff and facilities: ________

Graveside service, including staff and equipment: ________

Hearse: ________

Plot: ________

Head Stone: (depending on size) ________

Total For a Full-Service Funeral (Not including other services) ________

Other Services:

Forwarding body to another funeral home $325

Cemetery/Mausoleum Costs:

Cost of lot or crypt (if you don’t already own one) Plot $4000-$9600

Perpetual care $150/Mo

Opening and closing the grave or crypt $75

Grave liner, if required $1000

Marker/monument (including setup) $125-$350

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