We get it, life is just as expensive living it as it is ending it. However, with all of our partners and carriers, we can ensure that we can help you prevent your loved ones from absorbing most, if not all, of these costs, even if you're looking for a cremation plan, Plan4Life has you covered

Funeral Pricing Checklist

“Simple or Immediate” disposition of the remains:

Immediate burial $7630

Immediate cremation $1680

If the cremation process is extra, how much is it? $250-$300

Donation of the body to a medical school or hospital $0

“Traditional,” full-service burial or cremation: Cremation: $5380 Burial: $7730 + Cemetary Fees

Basic services fee for the funeral director and staff: $2690

Pickup of the body: $650

Embalming: $650

Other preparation of body: $150

Least expensive casket: $1500 (cardboard) $2500 (Basic Wood)

Description, including model # __________

Outer Burial Container (vault) $1,000

Description $125

Visitation/viewing — staff and facilities $395

Funeral or memorial service — staff and facilities $695

Graveside service, including staff and equipment $1000

Hearse $325

Plot: $4000 - $9600

Head Stone: $200-$1500 (depending on size)

Total $13,835 - $20,735 For a Full-Service Funeral (Not including other services)

Other Services:

Forwarding body to another funeral home $325

Cemetery/Mausoleum Costs:

Cost of lot or crypt (if you don’t already own one) Plot $4000-$9600

Perpetual care $150/Mo

Opening and closing the grave or crypt $75

Grave liner, if required $1000

Marker/monument (including setup) $125-$350

This list was pulled from "https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0301-funeral-costs-and-pricing-checklist

Fees, Fees, and more fees. The sad part is, Funeral and Cemetery homes don't care what emotional state your loved ones are in, they will use those emotions to upsell like crazy, ask your agent for a FREE funeral arrangements planner so your loved ones won't be taken advantage of!